Wait Patiently!

Abraham Devotional

Read biblical history: Genesis 17: 15-21 Genesis 2: 11-15


Guess how long the following people had to wait for things:

  • How long did Noah and his family have to wait inside the ark for the rain to stop? (40 days)
  • How long did Abraham and Sarah have to wait to have a baby?
  • (25 years)
  • How long did the Israelites have to wait to enter the promised land? (40 years)
  • Ask your parents how long you will have to wait for the next activity? (trip, reward, etc.)


Sometimes it seems that prayers will never be answered. But God promises us that when we pray according to His will, he always hears and answers (1 John 5:14-15). Sometimes we have to wait patiently for his answer, and sometimes he responds differently than we expected. Yet he knows how to give us what we need, at the precise moment when we need it. When is the right time for an answer? Wait for God to answer! This is the right time and the perfect answer.


  • What was the longest time you waited to get something you really wanted?
  • What can you do to wait patiently for an answer to the prayer?
  • What are you waiting for right now? Are you waiting patiently?


God, thank you for answering so many prayers for my family. Help me to trust you in the waiting.

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