The Heart Of The Father


God the Father is a perfect father and he always keeps his promises.

We have all had situations where people have promised us things that they have not fulfilled. In our hearts, it produces sadness, disappointment, frustration and sometimes even doubt. Sometimes we resent the person and a lack of forgiveness settles in our hearts. Then we don’t trust them anymore. Sometimes, to avoid suffering, we also decide to never believe in people’s promises again.

In this story, Abraham had kept his faith in God’s promise to him and, although that promise was fulfilled several years later, God was faithful and fulfilled his promise. God is not a man to lie or to lack faithfulness. He is always faithful and whatever he says, he will do.



  1. Ask the Father to show you if there are people who have made promises to you that they have not kept.
  2. I encourage you to choose to forgive them.

You can say this prayer with me:

“Father, today, I choose  to forgive all those who have betrayed my trust by not honouring their promises, I choose to forgive (name the person). Help me not to keep anything in my heart towards this person, in the name of Jesus, Amen.”




You could share some promises in the Bible that children can appropriate and keep in their hearts.


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