Game Of Trust



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  1. Choose a game of trust from the following and start the game with the children.
  2. Don’t forget to make the connection with the story of the day.


Examples Of Trust Games

  • Person (A) stands behind person (B) who, with their eyes closed, falls back. Person (A) catches person (B) as the person begins to fall; as trust is established, person (A) lets person (B) drop lower before catching him/her in his arms. This game is done with older children.


  • Two children form a tandem: one closes his eyes, the other guides him through a room preventing him from bumping himself. After 3 or 4 minutes, we reverse the roles, changing the route.


  • A dozen children form a chain: each child puts both hands on the shoulders of the one in front of him. All the children close their eyes, only the first one keeps his eyes open and guides the whole chain through the room and then outside. Avoid the stairs!


  • Two children form a tandem: the first has his eyes closed, the other puts himself behind him and guides him with gestures the meanings fixed in advance: a pat on the left shoulder to turn left, etc.


  • Two children play together: the first is in the middle of the play area, eyes closed, the second is placed further and guides him with his voice. It is probably the game that requires the most trust, because there is no physical contact that can reassure the other child.

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