The Heart Of The Father


Although Daniel was far from his family and home, he was never alone. God the Father was always with him. We are all faced with situations where our friends try to influence us to act against our beliefs, just like Daniel did. When we put our trust in God the Father, when we know without a doubt that we are the son and daughter of our heavenly Father, that he loves us and that he is always with us, it helps us to stand up for our convictions. People are trying to influence you. When you let yourself be influenced, it changes your colour, it changes who you are and it changes your identity. When you stand and stay honest with what you think, it’s as if you would take a flashlight from your pocket, opened it and let your friends see your light. Your relationship with the Father, the time you take with him, like Daniel who prayed three times a day, is what will give you the strength to stand, just like Daniel did, for what you believe.




“Father, I pray that you may give me the strength to stand up for my convictions, for what I believe. Help me not to be swayed by my friends who don’t know you. Help me influence them and get them to know you. Make me a light in this world. Amen.”




Encourage children to take time with God every day by praying and reading the Bible.


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