Keep Your Heart!



  • Small plastic hearts
  • Ice cube trays
  • Plastic bags



  1. Before class, freeze small hearts in ice cubes, then put them in plastic bags so it doesn’t leak.
  2. Give all the children an ice cube and tell them to use their hands to melt it until they touch it. After a while, the ice may begin to cause pain, but the children will surely continue until they find the heart inside.
  3. Once all the children have managed to melt their ice cube, explain that repentance (change of direction) forces us to change our minds.
  4. Tell the children that we have to change our minds so we don’t want to keep sinning. We must align our will with that of the heavenly Father. Just like trying to melt the ice cube, it can sometimes be a long and painful process, but the Lord will help us and in the end we will have joy because we do what our heavenly Father wants us to do.
  5. Make the connection with the story of the day. King David wanted to keep his heart more than anything else.


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