Keep Your Heart!

King David Devotional

Read the Biblical text: Proverbs 4:23


Bring a broom, a dusting cloth, a cleanser, etc. Talk about the household routine.


Are we paying attention to our hearts?

If a problem is resolved as soon as you see it, it will never become a big mess. Keeping the house clean after cleaning it will be so much easier than letting it get dirty and then having to clean and declutter.

It’s like that with the heart. Small thoughts sneak in and settle in our minds and hearts. They accumulate like dust and form patterns of thought that trap and imprison us.

But if we stay on our guard and watch the things we let into our hearts, we can throw away the garbage as soon as they come in.

Keeping the house clean is more efficient and easier than cleaning it. We should keep our heart as if it was God’s house. Let’s keep our hearts!


  • What can we do to protect our hearts?
  • What are the warning signs that tell me that my heart is not doing very well?


God, help me keep my heart and my home for your presence. Remind me to get rid of the garbage as soon as I notice it. Bring to my attention the areas of my heart and my life that need to be tidy.