The Heart In The Middle




  • 1 heart made of paper, foam or other non-fragile material
  • Painter’s tape



  1. Divide the children into two teams of the same number.
  2. Draw two lines on the ground about 20 meters apart using the painter’s tape.
  3. Place a heart in the center of the field, equal distance from both teams. Players stand face to face along both lines to occupy the opposite corner.
  4. Then tell them to number each person(see diagram).
  5. Stand near the center and call a number.
  6. Both players with this number must go to the  the center of the field and try to catch the heart and bring it back behind their line without getting touched. If a player succeeds, the team scores 2 points.
  7. From the moment a player catches his heart, he becomes vulnerable, that is, if he is touched by his opponent before joining his side, the opposing team scores 1 point and his team has 0.
  8. Generally, both players observe and try to deceive their opponent with a pretend blow in order to grab the heart.
  9. If, after one or two minutes, none of them have grasped the heart, call another number for backup. In this case, players can only touch the opposing player with the same number as them.
  10. The winning team is the one that has a set number of points first.
  11. Refer to keeping his heart.

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