The Heart of The Father


David was looking for God. How about you? David knew who he was, he knew that he was the son of God and that God was his Father. He was not afraid of anything, not afraid of lions, nor of bears, or even of the giant Goliath. Do you know who you are? Do you know that you are a son or daughter of this wonderful God who is so good and full of love. David loved his Father so much, his God so much that before Goliath he wanted to defend the one he loved. He had a pure heart and a good heart just like his heavenly Dad.

What’s your heart like this morning? Is your heart filled with bad things, lack of forgiveness, sadness, anger? If that’s the case, it’s simple, we’ll pray together.




“Father, this is my heart and what’s inside. I know that my heart is not always pure, but I know that you are the one who purifies our hearts. Purify my heart, Father, and help me have a heart like yours.”




Little tips to help you


When you face a difficult situation, ask yourself how God the Father would act in this situation. For example: in a situation where your friend is being bullied, how do you act? Do you participate, you go away or you act like the Father would act and defend and protect your friend?