Let’s Protect The Future King!




  • A deck of cards
  • Pieces of fabric (which each child attaches to their belt)
  • Scarves



  1. Divide the group into 4 teams (one team for each type of card: clover, diamond, heart, spade) and assign 1 camp (1 place) to each team.
  2. Give each child 1 scarf. They must fasten it on their belts.
  3. Give each child 1 card. If the child is on the clover team, make sure they receive a clover card.
  4. Ask the children to spread out in their camp.
  5. Explain to the children that the Ace is the Almighty: He is the only one who can beat the KING! Draw back… he can be defeated by all the others. It is above all a collaborative game where children must think of strategies to protect the Almighty and detect the opposing king.
  6. At your signal, children should try to catch their opponents by catching the piece of cloth attached to the belt.
  7. If a player succeeds, both players must show each other their card. If the catcher has the strongest card, he keeps his life and his opponent must give him his card and go and get another one in his camp. On the contrary, if his card is the weakest, he must let his opponent go and both keep their lives.
  8. The team that loses its king loses the game (caught by the Almighty).
  9. The team that loses all of its lives also loses.

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