With God, We Will Do Mighty Things



  • 1 ziploc bag or 1 freezer bag
  • Sharpened pencils
  • Water



  1. Discuss the fact that there are certain situations in our lives, where we must have the audacity of Deborah and go ahead just like her. After all, with God we will do mighty things!
  2. Ask the children if they think it is possible to pierce, with sharp pencils, a ziploc bag filled with water without water flowing everywhere. (Most children will say it’s impossible). Give them a demonstration.
  3. Here is the explanation for the curious. In fact, water does not escape from the plastic bag because of the composition of the bag: it is composed of polymers. Polymers are long, flexible molecular chains. So when the bag is pierced with the pencil, the tip of the pencil slides between the molecular chains that make up the bag, without breaking them. These molecules surround the pencil and tighten around it, forming like a joint and preventing water from escaping.

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