If You Go Looking For Trouble You’ll Find It

Samson and Delilah Devotional

Read the Biblical text: Judges 16:4-21



At the last minute, cover a sheet of painter’s paper (with mud, or lead pencil). The sheet of paper must still be wet.

What happens when a clean sheet of paper rubs against a dirty sheet of paper?

Does the dirty sheet become clean? No! It is quite the opposite.



Samson did not choose his dating wisely. You could say that Samson was both the strongest and the weakest!

Samson was strong, but he lacked wisdom in his decisions and in keeping with his commitments. He was a very impulsive man, with little thought, who often allowed himself to be led by his feelings. He was blinded by the beauty of Delilah. Delilah understood this and used this weakness to achieve her goals. Samson fell madly in love with a woman who wanted only one thing, his downfall, and unfortunately, her plan was a success. Some of our friends can manipulate us to come to an end.

Watch out who your friends are! If we spend time with bad friends, what will happen? We will eventually be influenced and imitate them. We may get into trouble and maybe do things we didn’t want to do or be in the wrong place at the wrong time and have to suffer the consequences. Delilah was a bad influence on Samson.



  • How do you choose your friends?
  • How can you be a positive influencer?
  • What less recommendable friends can you pray for?



God, help me choose my friends well and listen to my parents’ advice to make good choices. Thank you because you give me eyes and wisdom to spot dangers and get away from them. Also help me to influence others in a positive way.


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