Don’t Be Outsmarted!




  • Ball



  1. Ask the children to stand in a circle, legs apart, foot to foot.
  2. Ask them to lean forward and form a fist with their hands to defend their goal.
  3. The goal is to send the ball between another player’s legs to score a goal. If a player lets the ball pass, he is eliminated and leaves the circle.
  4. Warning: the ball must roll on the ground and must not bounce.
  5. Remind the children not to be distracted because the ball could enter their goal without them noticing, as Delilah entered Samson’s life. She set him up when he didn’t expect it.


Another Way

  • Instead of being eliminated when the ball passes between a player’s legs, he turns around and continues the game. This also gives him a better view of the game.
  • Start the game with both hands, then instead of eliminating the player, he pursues the game with one hand.


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