Throwing Crouton




  • 2 baskets
  • 2 boxes of commercial croutons
  • List of review questions



  1. Divide the class into two teams.
  2. Ask a team a review question. If a child responds correctly, the team earns a point and the child who responded well has the opportunity to throw a crouton into the team’s basket. If he’s succeeds, his team gets another point.
  3. If no team member has the answer or if one member gives the wrong answer, ask the other team the same question.
  4. Explain that croutons represent the bread that the crows brought to Elijah.
  5. After the game, invite your children to eat croutons (bring a second box that will not have been played with!)

Review issues

  • Who was the wicked king who wanted the people to worship idols? (Ahab)
  • What was Elijah’s message to King Ahab? (That it would not rain on the kingdom for a very long time)
  • Where did God tell Elijah to go after delivering the message to the king? (To a torrent)
  • How did God provide Elijah with food? (He used crows)
  • What did the crows bring Elijah to eat? (Bread and meat)


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