EN-E-Elijah For Parents

Oh! Those emotions!

Elijah Devotional

Read the biblical text:1 Kings 19:1-18


Show all kinds of emoticons to the children and ask them to choose the one that represents the emotion they experience when you ask them.



We can all be discouraged, feel sad, don’t want to get up one morning to go to school or work. Sometimes we don’t want to face a day because we think it’s going to be a tough day and we don’t want to live that moment.

Elijah the prophet was in this situation. He, the great prophet who had faced the 450 prophets of Baal and who had been full of audacity, feels discouraged.

Elijah is afraid of Jezebel, he flees into the desert. He sits under a tree and wants to die.

However, at this point of disappointment, Elijah has another great experience, this one quite wonderful: that of the love of God. He rediscovers the love of this God who loves and welcomes us, whoever we are and as we are.


  • What emotions do you feel most often?
  • Tell of a situation where you have felt discouraged.
  • What encourages you?
  • How do you feel about God’s love?


God, I give you my moments of sadness and discouragement. In exchange, I take your joy, your love and your words of encouragement. Thank you because you’re always with me and you don’t abandon me.

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