The Heart of the Father


Eli learns that his sons behave badly, they disobeyed the commandments that God had given them. Eli must have been heartbroken to see his boys do this. He was an rightous man and a man who sought to please God.

God too was heartbroken at the behavior of his boys, because He loved them. HE is a Father for us and fathers want the best for their children. The rules that our parents give us are not there to crush us and interfere with our freedom, they are there to help us grow and be happy.

Is it always easy to follow the rules? No ! Even adults sometimes have difficulty obeying.

Here’s a little trick to help you obey: keep your heart close to the heart of the Father. When we are close to His heart, it is much easier to respect the rules because He helps us.

How to approach the heart of the Father?

  • Take time to talk to HIM. The best way to get to know someone is to spend time with them and talk to them. It is the same with God the Father. The more you talk to Him the more you will get to know Him. Tell Him about what you are going through, tell Him about your days, tell Him about your sorrows, your joys, your disappointments, what makes you angry, etc. Pay attention to His voice and learn to recognize His sweet voice, the one that reassures us and does us good.
  • Read the Bible. By reading it, we learn to know Him too, so it is important to read it. It is a guide for your life and a good way to see how the Father is good, powerful, filled with love, etc.

Never forget that when you make mistakes, you will disobey His commandments, but He will forgive you.

Come closer to Him, to His heart and let Him love you. You will find it much easier to obey His commands with a heart filled with His love.




“Father, I want to draw near to You, I want to know You more and more, to walk in Your ways and walk on the right path. Teach me to know You. May your sweet presence invade my heart and fill me. I love you. amen »




  1. Make a list with the children of the rules that they find difficult to follow.
  2. Then, discuss with them the importance of certain regulations and help them to see its regulations differently.


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