Do you turn a blind eye to certain situations?



  • Blindfold to hide eyes



  1. Tell the children about the following situations.
    1. The cashier gives you more change than you were supposed to receive. What do you do?
    2. You are at a friend’s house and everyone wants to watch a movie that, to your knowledge, would not be appropriate. What do you do?
  2. Then when the children answer what they are going to do, ask them if they can support their answer according to God’s truth. Our daily choices that are made according to the Word of God help us to be witnesses who reflect God for those around us. Faced with difficult decisions, the Holy Ghost will encourage us to show boldness and confidence in obeying God.
  3. Put the blindfold on your eyes and keep talking.
  4. Continue and explain that Eli, at the end of his life, did not know how to handle the difficult choices of his life. He closed his eyes. It is as if he pretended not to see the situation of his sons who were not acting well.


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