What am I?




  • Charades



  1. Ask the children for the charades.
  2. Talk about the importance of water, bread and meat for our survival. Ask the children if they know what would happen if we were running out of food and water. Explain that we could not live very long without food or water, as these are essential elements of life.
  3. Remind them that God took care of Elijah’s survival… with the help of crows.



I’m essential to survival.

I should be drunk in large quantities.

When I fall from the sky, I am the rain. What am I?


I’m good to eat.

I am made of flour and water.

I’m in the kitchen. What am I?


Most people eat me.

I help to strengthen the muscles.

I’m served in cubes, in fillets, in slices. What am I?


I like to fly.

I like living in freedom.

My house is a nest. What am I?


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