Elisha Devotional

Read the biblical text: 2 Kings 2:1-18


Bring balloons to inflate. Inflate them and blow on them to move them forward.

Like balloons, God wants to use us. He’s blowing in us. All we have to do is let his air get into us.


Elisha loved Elijah as a father and he refused to leave him before he was taken to heaven. Elijah allowed him to stay by his side and when he asked him what he could do for him before leaving, Elisha asked him for a double portion of his anointing.

Elijah replied that his request would be granted if he saw him ascend to heaven. Elisha actually saw the chariot of fire and the fire horses that separated him from his master and he saw Elijah ascend to heaven in a whirlwind. After that, he grabbed his coat and returned to the banks of the Jordan  River where he hit the water with the mantle and split it in two, as Elijah had done. The other prophets who witnessed the scene recognized that Elijah’s spirit now rested on Elisha. As God had decreed, Elisha was now going to be His prophet to His people


  • How can God use you to demonstrate his power?
  • How would you like to be used to demonstrate His power?
  • Is there a miraculous experience your family has had?
  • Right now, for what situation does your family need God’s intervention?


God, you are the one who is powerful! I want you to use me powerfully to change situations around me. I’m available as Elisha.

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