What Do You Like Best?




  • List of difficult choices



  1. It’s a game where you choose between two difficult scenarios.
  2. Ask the children to choose between the two scenarios you name.
    • Wear wet socks all year round OR don’t wash your hair all year round?
    • Lick the bar to stand in the subway or bus OR chew gum found on the floor?
    • Eating Chinese food for the rest of your life OR eating Mexican food?
    • Never use the internet again OR never watch TV again?
    • Wear someone else’s underwear OR use someone else’s toothbrush?
    • Eating a bowl of lentils OR keep your birth right?
  3. Adapt questions for your group of children and have fun!



  • There are several apps on apple store or google play, but you can also do this game orally with all kinds of funny questions.




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