The Heart Of The Father


The Father always wants the best for you, he wants you to be free, happy, joyful, etc. But unfortunately, like Esau, we don’t always make the right decisions in life and these have consequences. This is called the law of sowing and reaping. If I sow a carrot seed, I’m going to reap a carrot, not a potato! So if I sow good things in my life, I’m going to reap good things, whereas if I sow bad things, I’m going to reap bad things.

The Father is a perfect father and he wants to teach you to think carefully before taking action. Before you make an important decision, you must remember the law of sowing and reaping. If you have to make a decision, ask yourself what are the consequences. Then pray by asking the Father to help you be wise and think carefully.




Do this exercise with the children.

  1. Get the children to make a decision (e.g., obeying my parents, cheating on an exam, etc.).
  2. Write it on a cardboard on the wall.
  3. Separate the cardboard in two, on one side the “for” and on the other, the “against” and then help the children analyze the situation and fill in the two columns.



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