Temptation… It’s Not My Fault!



  • Doorknob



  1. Ask the children if they’ve ever seen a doorknob that hasn’t been installed yet?
  2. Show the doorknob.
  3. Do the following object lesson.
      • It’s a pretty fascinating piece. The doorknob on each side are just part of this amazing little tool. The two doorknobs are connected by a bar called a spindle and this bar is perpendicular to a much thicker piece of metal protruding from the side of the door. This piece is called the cylinder and, when the door is closed, the cylinder slides into a hole in the frame of the door that holds the door in place. When you turn the doorknob, it brings the cylinder back into the door, which pulls the latch and allows you to open the door.
      • You can’t “accidentally” open the door. If you want to open a door, what should you do? You have to put your hand on the doorknob, turn it and then open the door. Doors cannot open by accident and they do not open on their own.
      • How many of you, when you did something wrong, have said: “I didn’t really mean…” or “It’s not my fault”?
      • You don’t always like to take responsibility. People who do bad things like to blame their parents or friends or unfortunate circumstances. but what did we learn with the doorknob? There are no “accidents” when it comes to making choices. We choose whether or not to open a door.
      • It is no different with sin. Sin is an intentional act that we choose to do or not to do. There are no accidents, no excuses. No one can force you to sin. Either you give in to temptation and open the door, or you listen to the Holy Sprit and resist temptation.
      • Don’t just resist, but run away from that door and never come near it again. It’s your choice and only you can decide what to do.


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