EN-E-Ezekiel For Parents

Are You Dry?

Ezekiel Devotional

Read the biblical text: Ezekiel 37:1-4


Bring an image of a bone.

Bones are very useful! They’re solid! They serve as a frame for our whole body. Thanks to them, we stand up, we move towards each other, we lean on each other! Some bones are used to protect our fragile organs. The center of the bone is the place where the blood cells needed for life are made. Bone is a living tissue that renews itself throughout life. A dry bone is a bone that has lost all use. There is no more life in it.


In Ezekiel’s time, the people deported to Babylon dropped their arms: they no longer believed in the future. With this deportation, they lost everything: their homes, their land, their family, their friends. They were hopeless, like dead!
What’s the point of getting up, standing up, starting over, building, since one day everything can be lost again! Everything seems useless…
The deported people seem to be dry as if all life had deserted them.
It’s like they had become parched bone.

Ezekiel becomes aware of the “death” in which the people live (they were quite parched). Is there a way out of that? Is a resurrection possible? Ezekiel knows that the answer is in God: “Lord God, you know!”

Jesus said that he came so that we may have life, life in abundance. (John 10:10)


  • Have you ever thought, “What’s the point of continuing?” (Continue to learn from multiplication tables that you cannot learn, persevere in a sport, continue to hope for reconciliation, friendship, healing)
  • What is hope?
  • What does hope produce in your life?


Thank you, God, for being my hope, for being the one who gives me life in abundance.

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