The Rebellion Of Balloons




  • Balloons to inflate
  • Painter’s tape



  1. Form a square on the floor with painter’s tape (large enough for several children to enter).
  2. Divide your group into two: one group will be inside the square, the other outside.
  3. Ask the children to inflate balloons.
  4. Ask the children who have the balloons to stay outside and lean on the classroom walls.
  5. Ask the children outside to hit the balloons to propel them into the air and once propelled to keep them in the air without using their hands, just blowing on them. They must continue to blow on the balloons to keep them suspended in the air.
  6. Children inside the square should hear the balloons well and prevent them from entering the square. Nor should they use their hands, only their breath. If a balloon lands in one of the zones, it scores a point for the opposing team.
  7. Play until all the balloons have landed on the ground.



  • The people in the square are like the children of Israel in today’s lesson, blinded by their sins. Balloons are like the word of God. The people of Israel did not want the word of God anywhere near them. They did not want to hear Ezekiel’s message. But people learned that when they disobey God, they lack blessings.
  • The others who tried to send the balloons into the square are like Ezekiel who was trying very faithfully to deliver the message even if those in the square (the people of Israel) were trying to get away from it.
  • God can call us to do something for him. Maybe the people around us don’t appreciate our mission or what we have to say.
  • Ezekiel was chosen to be a prophet of God to speak to the Israelites who were exiled to Babylon. It was not an easy task for Ezekiel. The people of Israel were rebellious and did not want to listen.
  • Ezekiel still persevered in the task that God entrusted to him.


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