Gideon Devotional

Read the Biblical text: Judges 6: 11-40



Bring a red superhero cape (piece of red cloth) and put it on.



There was nothing really special about Gideon.

He was not a great hero (the cape). He did not know how to lead an army and he was not a warrior. In fact, he was the youngest of his family and his family was of little importance in the tribe.

Not only did Gideon feel small, but he wasn’t very brave either. When God told Gideon that he wanted him to lead an army, he thought it was a joke. Not only that, he even thought it wasn’t God who told him to do this crazy thing! This is why he asked God for many signs to prove to him that he was real. Gideon did all this because he didn’t believe in himself. He thought God was making a mistake in choosing him because he was so small and weak. He didn’t think he could do what God wanted him to do.

Have you ever felt like Gideon? Maybe you were afraid to talk in front of your class or maybe you didn’t think you were good enough to be on the football team. Whatever your challenge, God is always there to encourage you. You don’t have to be afraid to ruin everything because God will always love you, anyway. He wants to use you for great things like Gideon.



  • Can you describe a situation where you were brave?
  • What made you brave?
  • What makes you doubt yourself?
  • Who’s the bravest person you know? Why is he/she brave?


Thank you, God, for making me brave, for seeing all the potential that is in me before I even see it. Help me trust you to work on the plans you have for me.


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