EN-E-Isaiah Craft 2

Making a megaphone



  • Paper towel rolls
  • Silk paper
  • elastic
  • Tape
  • Large cardboard sheet
  • Chewed paper glue
  • Newsprint
  • Pencil at the mine
  • paint



The megaphone

  1. Give all children a roll of paper towels.
  2. Tell them to attach a square of tissue paper with an elastic at the end.
  3. Tell them to wrap their roll in a large cardboard sheet to create a cone.
  4. Tell them to remove the excess cardboard (the cardboard now has the shape of a fan).
  5. Tell them to wrap the roll again in the cardboard (fan-shaped).
  6. Tell them to stick the cardboard with duct tape so that it now looks like a megaphone.
  7. Tell them to draw a circle the size of the cone on a cardboard box.
  8. Tell them to remove the inside of this circle (to create a ring).
  9. Tell them to stick this ring with duct tape on the tip of the cone.

The handle

  1. Give all children a roll of paper towels.
  2. Tell them to cut it to about 3/4 of its length.
  3. Tell them to make an opening along the entire length of the roll.
  4. Tell them to roll this roller very tightly and attach it to the middle of the megaphone using adhesive

The chewed paper

  1. Tell the children to cover their megaphone with scraps of newsprint and chewed paper glue and let it dry.
  2. Tell them to draw the patterns in pencil at the mine before painting.
  3. Tell them to paint the megaphone to their liking.




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