EN-E-Isaiah For Parents

Message to deliver


Devotional Isaiah


Read biblical texts.

  • Isaiah 5:25
  • Isaiah 6:9-10
  • Isaiah 1:31
  • Isaiah 9:5
  • Isaiah 53:5-6



On slips of paper, write some messages that Isaiah had to deliver. Put these messages in a basket and have each of your children pick one up. Once they have picked up a message, they read it aloud.

Would you like to deliver this message? Why?



Do you know people who call themselves believers in Jesus and who have two faces, who are hypocrites? This is perhaps the best description of the way of being of the nation of Israel. There is an expression that says two-sided face, one could also say that of Israel. Israel had an appearance of righteousness, but it was only a facade.

Isaiah encouraged Israel to obey God wholeheartedly, not just in a ritual way. Isaiah’s desire was that those who hear and read his words be convinced that they must turn away from their wickedness and turn to God in order to receive his forgiveness and healing. Isaiah also announced the birth of Jesus.



  • What kind of messages do you like to receive?
  • What kind of messages do you like to say?
  • Write a message about the Love of Jesus and think about who you could give it to.



Thank God because you loved me so much that you sent Jesus to save me and heal me. Help me deliver this message of love around me.