The Heart Of The Father


Isaiah was a messager and we are all called to carry a message to the world: the message of salvation. We must proclaim that Jesus died and rose for our sins and to give us eternal life and that he came to earth to show us, through his walk on earth, how his Father is in heaven.

John 14:9 “The one who saw me saw the Father.” Jesus came to show us what his Father was like. It was indeed one of his missions: to make people know his Father, this Father filled with affection, tenderness, power, kindness, etc. You also have this mission: to know the love of the Father and to share it around you. How? By your actions, by being gentle, kind, etc., and by your words, by being polite, filled with love, encouraging people, etc.

The Father wants to give you this mission this morning: to spread his love around you. Are you going to accept the assignment?




This morning we will offer a message of love to someone. Choose a person and we will write that person a letter of love and encouragement. Your mission will be to give it to that person this week.


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