You’re Blessed!



  • 1 gift
  • 1 dice
  • Scarf, mittens and hat



  1. Before class, prepare the gift. Pack it in several boxes. A first box must be packed and placed in a second box that must also be packed, then placed in a 3rd box a little larger and so on… You can make the boxes difficult to unpack: lots of paper, adhesive tape, etc.
  2. Place players in circles.
  3. The first child rolls the dice to the player to his right which does the same until one of the players falls on a 6.
  4. When this is the case, he must wear the mittens, the scarf and the hat. So dressed, he can unwrap the gift until another participant gets a 6. The dice must continue to roll while the gift is unwrapped. When another participant gets a 6, the latter must then “undress” the previous lucky player (remove the mittens, scarf and hat) and put them on in turn to try to unwrap the gift.
  5. The game continues like this until a player manages to unwrap the gift. The gift then belongs to him.
  6. Attention! Players should be warned that the gift is fragile (even if it is not). They must therefore handle it with caution (must not hit or bite it). And of course, they must handle it only if they have the mittens in their hands.

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