Jacob’s Ladder

For older children



  • Small hammer
  • Ruler
  • Square
  • Pencil
  • Pair of scissors
  • Hacksaw
  • Sandpaper
  • Piece of wood measuring 1.25 x 5 x 61 cm
  • Small flat-headed nails (the nails should not be too wide so as not to crack the wood)
  • Ribbon 2.75 m long and 1 cm wide



Jacob’s ladder

  1. Measure and mark 8 segments of 7.6 cm each on the wood. Ask the children to help you.


2. Cut the wood into pieces with the saw.


3. Tell the children to rub the stops with the abrasive paper so as to smooth them, but without rounding them.

4. Then ask the children to place the pieces of wood in line leaving 1.25 cm between each.


5. Tell the children to cut 3 ribbons the length of this line, about 70 cm.


Jacob’s Ladder Assembly

6. Tell the children to nail the end of 2 ribbons on the side of a wooden rectangle on each side.


7. Then ask them to nail the 3rd ribbon to the opposite side of the rectangle in the middle.


8. Tell the children to lay the rectangle flat with the 3 ribbons folded on top, then place a new rectangle on top of the whole.

9. Ask them to fold the ribbons back on them again and nail them to the opposite edges (opposite to the edge to which they were previously nailed). NB: Tighten the ribbons well before nailing them.


10. Tell the children to add the other wooden rectangles in the same way.

11. Finally, ask them to cut off the excess tape.