I Can Do All Things By The One Who Strengthens Me.

Jeremiah Devotional

Read the Bible verses: Jeremiah 1


Bring an object that demonstrates that it took perseverance to obtain or achieve it (a medal, a newsletter, a diploma, a painting, etc.).


When God calls Jeremiah to become a prophet, Jeremiah replies, “Lord, My God! I don’t know how to talk… I’m just a child…” Jeremiah (like Moses and Gideon), does not feel up to the call God puts on his life. But God sees it differently. He can choose  as a prophet or as a spokesman, someone who has difficulty expressing himself. He can choose as a prophet someone who will not necessarily be listened to (“I am only a child.”).” Don’t be afraid! I’m with you!” (Jeremiah 1:8) God extends his hand and touches Jeremiah’s mouth. (Jeremiah 1:9): “Look, I have put my words in your mouth.”

Messages are communicated to Jeremiah and he has to pass them on. On the other hand, these messages are difficult to bring: “Look, I have established you… to uproot, and to demolish, and to destroy, and to overthrow.” This is the tragedy of his life: always predict judgment, destruction, deportation. It’s really not an easy task.

When Jeremiah asks the people to change their lives, no one listens to him. He is even forbidden to speak in the temple. Jeremiah is even locked in a dungeon.
Of course, Jeremiah’s life still speaks to us today! He tells us to sow without getting tired, without looking at whether the seed sprouts. You have to sow with confidence, always keeping your hand in God’s. We have to persevere.


  • Have you ever had to do difficult things? Which?
  • What do you need when it’s difficult?

Perseverance is the action of continuing to make efforts despite the difficulties.

  • In what area do you need God’s help to develop your perseverance?


God, I need you when I have difficult tasks to accomplish. I know that I am capable because it is you who strengthens me and gives me the ability to persevere.

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