The Heart Of The Father


Jeremiah had a mission: to deliver a message to people who didn’t always want to hear it.

Are you sometimes like the people who received Jeremiah’s message and didn’t want to hear it?

Are there verses in the Bible that you don’t like to read? Those who talk about sin in particular? If we are honest, we can all say that there are certain messages in the Bible that we do not like to hear. Those who tell us to love our enemies, to obey our parents, that lying is a sin and that it does not please God… There are several. No? We must understand that these messages, what is written in the Bible, is there for our good and not to harm us.

Just as Jeremiah was capable and determined to proclaim the message God had given him, we too must have the same determination to receive this message and put it into practice. If we want to look like the Father, we must have an open heart and be ready to receive his instructions, whether we like them or not. Do you have in you Jeremiah’s determination to obey the Father and the desire to be like Him?




“Father, I want to be obedient, but it is not always easy to do, I need your help. Give me the determination and desire to obey you and obey your Word, to make you the first in my life and to live for you. I love you. Amen.”


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