Twister Jesus




  • Yellow Circle: Life
  • Blue Circle: Way
  • Red Circle: Truth
  • Green Circle: Jesus



  1. In the room, scatter the yellow, red, blue and green foam circles (like the Twister game). 
  2. Tell the children that each coloured circle corresponds to a word. The yellow circle corresponds to “The Life”, the blue to “The Way”, the red to “The Truth” and the green to “Jesus”. 
  3. Play some music. Have the children dance to the music. 
  4. When the music stops, say: “Life, Way, Truth or Jesus” according to the desired colour. Then, name a part of the body that the children should put on one of the coloured circles (1 circle per child). Children must therefore find the circle of the right colour and put the right part of their body on it.
  5. During the first few rounds, make sure you have as many circles as there are children. Then, remove circles so that one child is eliminated in each round.
  6. The winner is the last one to be eliminated.


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