Why Refuse Life?




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  1. Ask the children if they have ever thought, that next to them is one of the most wonderful things in the universe. It’s pretty much the only thing that’s free today and it’s something we can’t do without. The air we breathe!
  2. Draw the parallel that it is not as wonderful as another gift God has given us, and this gift is his Son Jesus.
  3. Tell them: “Imagine if I said I don’t like to owe anything to anyone, so I’m not going to take the air from God. If I can’t buy it, I just won’t use it. I’m going to stop breathing. (Hold your breath for a moment.) Well, maybe I’ll change my mind after all and take this gift from God. Don’t I look rather silly to hold my breath?”
  4. Finally, explain to children that when people refuse Jesus, it is LIFE that they refuse! It’s a bit like refusing to breathe air!


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