Love Attracts Like A Magnet



  • Magnets
  • Metal items such as coins, nails and paper clips



  1. Show the magnets to the children and do the following object lesson.
    • I have something interesting to show you today: magnets. Who knows what magnets do? (Let the children respond.) Yes! Magnets attract objects and in some cases repel them. So where do you use magnets? Yes! On the fridge, in a garage door, in a classroom. These are all places where you would use magnets. I will show you the power of magnets, but before I do, let us read a verse (1 John 3:18).
    • That’s interesting! So these magnets are like love! Love attracts people, doesn’t it? It’s wonderful to be surrounded by people who love you. Let’s pretend this magnet represents God. It is filled with love! (Hold the magnet in your hand.) Let’s see what it attracts. Put the magnet on top of different objects to see which ones are attracted. Look at this! God’s magnetic love attracts all kinds of people, doesn’t it? God’s love does not only attract people who love him. When we tell people that God loves them it is as if we were a magnet. We draw people to God.
  2. Ask the children: “Who wants to be a magnet for God? How can we show them God’s love? Maybe share our toys or a snack? Maybe if we tell them we love them?”