Roll Out The Red Carpet


John the Baptist Devotional


Read the Bible verse: Luke 3.2-16



A piece of red cloth (as a red carpet)

John the Baptist’s mission was to roll out the red carpet for Jesus.



John the Baptist: His role (predicted about 800 years before) was to set the stage for someone who was going to be more popular than him. He did not make friends with religious leaders by telling them that Jews should not expect to receive God’s grace just because they were descendants of Abraham. His grace would come when people showed remorse and obedience.

Return or repent: John’s message was that people should turn around and return to God or “repent.”

John the Baptist lived in the desert. It was there that God spoke to him and told him to start telling people to turn to God. Luke, the author of this gospel, uses the words of the Old Testament prophet, Isaiah, to describe John. Luke wants people to know that John was the special messenger announced by God whose task was to announce the coming of Jesus and to prepare the way for his coming.



  • Have you ever thought about the mission Jesus entrusts to all? (Go make disciples of all nations…)
  • Have you ever thought more specifically about how you can participate in this mission?
  • What do you want to do for God?



Thank you, Jesus, for being the one we were waiting for.  A lot of important people get special treatment in my life… I roll out the red carpet or maybe give them a lot of time and attention. I’m rolling out the red carpet for you today. I want to honor you the way you’re worthy.


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