John The Baptist’s Lunch




  • Lunchbox
  • Images of grasshoppers (or real ones!)



  1. Before the children arrive, prepare your lunchbox by placing images of the grasshoppers.
  2. As soon as they arrive, ask them: “What did you eat this morning? What do you usually have in your lunchbox? This morning, in my lunchbox, I brought what our character usually ate. Who wants to see what it is?”
  3. Then choose a child and let him open the lunchbox and discover this unusual dinner.
  4. Ask them, “Who would like to eat grasshoppers for dinner?”
  5. Ask them if they know which character in the Bible ate grasshoppers.
  6. Discuss the fact that John the Baptist ate grasshoppers.



  • What is green and can jump a mile in a minute? A grasshopper with hiccups!


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