Jonah Quiz





  1. Before the class, prepare a quiz sheet with multiple answers (see below) and print one for each child.
  2. Distribute the quiz to the children.
  3. Ask them to read the questions and highlight the right answer.
  4. Allow them to search in their Bible.


God asks Jonah to go: to Jerusalem, Baghdad, Nineveh or London?
At the beginning of the story, Jonah hears God and:
He stays seated.
He gets up and goes to the city God tells him.
He gets up and runs away from God.
He falls asleep under a tree.

Then Jonah embarks on a ship and: a storm breaks out, the sun rises, the rain falls.
Sailors with Jonah: are happy, get scared, run away in small boats, throw themselves into the water.
Jonah: is on deck, helps the sailors in their maneuvers, sleeps at the bottom of the boat, prays to God.
The captain asks Jonah: to make food, to help them put the boats in the water, to pray to His God, to lower the sails.
The crew is drawing lots. The draw designates: the captain, a sailor, God, Jonah.
After crying out to the God of Jonah, the crew: kills Jonah, throws him into the water, ties him to the mat, locks him in the hold.
Jonah is swallowed by: a shark, a dolphin, a big fish, a jellyfish.
In the belly of the animal, Jonah: weeps, sleeps, cries, prays.
Jonah promises: to no longer fall asleep, to help the sailors in their maneuvers, to fulfill his mission, never to go to Nineveh.
In Nineveh, Jonah: falls asleep, preaches the Word, builds a house, goes to the synagogue.
He announces that Nineveh will be destroyed in: 3 days, 7 days, 40 days, 1 year.
The people of Nineveh: turn away from God, change their lives, lock up Jonah, are indifferent.
Jonah reacts by: getting angry, having a big party, smiling, praying.
Jonah wants: to die, to grow up, to live, to eat with the Ninevites.
Jonah comes out of Nineveh and sits down: to the north, south, west, east.
He wants shade. God grows: an olive tree, leafy plant, a palm tree, a sycamore tree.
When the plant dies, Jonah: wants to die, wants another tree, builds a hut, returns to Nineveh.
God explains to Jonah that: humans matter more to him than plants, humans are to be forgotten, humans matter less than trees.


Jonah Quiz

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