The Pursuit

Jonah Devotional

Read the biblical text: Jonah


Bring a magnet and objects that are attracted to a magnet. Draw a parallel with the fact that God draws us to Himself, he pursues us.


Who did God want to save in the story of Jonah? He had big plans for Jonah, but he cared so much about the city of Nineveh that he saved Jonah from the belly of a big fish to proclaim the truth in a city that did not believe in Him! Sensational! God cares about each of us individually, but He also cares about our community, our city, our country and our world. God wants everyone to love him and follow Him. He wants people who are in the wrong direction to repent, that is, to change direction and behavior.

God is pursuing us, no matter what road we are on. He always knows where we are and wants to be in a relationship with us. He waits for us with open arms, we just have to turn around, He’s there! The ball is in our court


  • What are the needs of your community that your family can pray about?
  • In your day, how can you be in a relationship with God?
  • What can you talk about with God?


Thank you, God, because your love is running after me and you want to be in touch with me and every human being on earth. I love you so much and I want to spend time with you to talk to you.

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