The Smell Of Fish And The Road Of Jonah




  • Containers
  • Smelly objects (tuna, sardines, perfume, dark chocolate, etc.)




I feel

  1. Before class, prepare several closed containers, some with “smelly” items. You could try things like perfume, chocolate, oranges, etc. Make sure a container contains fish (tuna or sardines).
  2. Do not allow children to see what is inside the container.
  3. Cover the children’s eyes and let them try to guess what’s in each container by smelling them. Tell them that today’s story has something to do with one of these smells. Let the children try to guess what the smell is.


  1. Show the children the maze that has been printed beforehand. Ask one of the children to look at the maze in a mirror and trace the path from the point of Departure (Départ) to Nineveh (Ninive). Allow him/her to back off and go in a different direction if he/she is wrong, but insist that the child look at the maze in the mirror. (If you don’t have a mirror, you can just use the maze.)
  2. Tell the children: “If during a trip you were wrong and take the wrong road, what would you do? (Make a U-turn to get on the right track.) Sometimes we take the wrong road, or make bad choices, in life.”
  3. Ask the children to come up with a word that means stopping to do wrong to do the right thing. Give them time to make suggestions; then write Repent on the board. Tell them that repenting is about changing direction.


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