Bag Of Friendship




  • Coins
  • Ball
  • Candy
  • Coloured pencil
  • Smiling emoticon
  • Piece of puzzle
  • Handkerchief
  • Small plastic bags
  • Label with the meaning of objects (Attachment)



  1. Place the various objects on the table.
  2. Distribute 1 plastic bag to each child and a label with the meaning of the objects.
  3. Ask the children to prepare a bag of friendship that they will offer to the friend of their choice. To do this, tell them to put all the objects in a small bag and stick the label with the phrases that relate to the objects.
  • Coins: You have great value
  • Ball: I have a lot of fun playing with you
  • Candy: It’s good to be with you
  • Coloured Pencil: You colour my life
  • Smile Emoticon: You make me Happy
  • Piece of puzzle: You are an important part of my life
  • Handkerchief: I’ll always be there to dry your tears


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