Guided By God


Joseph (New Testament), Devotional


Read the biblical text: Matthew 1:18-25



Put a blindfold on a family member’s eyes. Then ask another family member to guide him through different rooms by “directing” him by touching his shoulders (as if his shoulders were a steering wheel). Then the same route is resumed, always blindfolded, but this time the instructions are whispered by a family member.



Just as family members can guide us tactfully and whispers, God has many ways to gently lead us into the future. He leads us through his Word (Psalm 119: 105), with a soft voice (1 Kings 19: 11-13) and through other people (Hebrews 13: 7). In Joseph’s case, God sent him an angel to tell him what to do.

No matter how he leads us, God can do it without being harsh. If we accidentally head in the wrong direction, he can help us get back on His way. Even when we disobey, His desire is to correct us with love. By learning to follow him, God allows us to make choices and suffer the consequences of our choices, but He also knows how to gently bring us home.



  • Would you like an angel to appear to you to tell you what God wants you to do?
  • How can you learn to better recognize God’s gentle direction?



Thank you, God of love, because you gently guide me in the path that is best for me. Help me be sensitive to your instructions.


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