The Heart of the Father


Joseph is a powerful example of obedience. Joseph through his disobedience could have destroyed God the Father’s plan for humanity.

We too can by our disobedience destroy the plan of God, the Father, for our lives. One of the things that can prevent us from obeying God is when we think too much.

If Joseph had started to think long and analyze the situation, he might have refused to obey God. You must learn that what God asks of you is for your own good. Do not forget that he is a Father to you and what our fathers ask us is for our good, even if, at times, we do not see it. Obedience is not always easy to do. At times it is even a sacrifice, but obedience is always better than disobedience. Trust God the Father and obey him and you will see that it will be a blessing for your life. This does not mean that there will be no trials in your life, but remember that the Father is always there to help you. He’s a faithful father. Just as he has been faithful to Joseph, he will be faithful to you.




“Father, help me to obey! I don’t always want to obey you, but help me, I know that with your help I am able to do everything. Help me see that obedience is always better than disobedience, that obedience is always the best thing to do, whether obedience to you or to my parents. Thank you for helping me. Amen.”