Obedience Makes Us Free




  • 1 dog leash


  1. Tell this story.
    • A farmer had 2 dogs since they were puppies. Both were quite wild and always fled if they left the yard. Both dogs were trained to be useful to the farmer and not harmful. After a few years, one of the two dogs was able to get out of the yard at any time. He helped on the farm and received rewards and praise from the farmer for taking the training so well and not continuing to flee. The second dog had not done very well in training and did not want to obey the farmer. He was still at large and had problems if he left the yard. The second dog lived its existence on a long leash, attached to the yard’s fence. He could not be trusted to be left free or to help on the farm. While the first did not need to be tied up, since he had learned to obey.
  2. Ask the children, “What dog do you think felt the most freedom?”

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