Attention! Concentration!




  • Plastic cups



  1. Place the children 2 by 2 face to face, knees on the ground. Place a plastic cup between the two children.
  2. “Head, thighs, knees and cup” are the words you utter.
  3. Tell children that when you pronounce your head or thighs or knees, they must touch the corresponding part of their body. Then, when you pronounce cup, they have to pick up the cup as quickly as possible. The first child who picks up the cup is the winner of the round, the other child is eliminated (the one who has not picked up the cup quickly enough) and leaves the game.
  4. The game continues between winners until there are only 2 children left.
  5. As a picture is worth a thousand words, watch the short video (in french) and you will immediately understand (game)!


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