The Heart Of The Father 


Joseph was a great dreamer. What can we learn from him? So many things… Joseph had great faith in God and he knew that if God showed him something, it would happen. He had learned to recognize when God spoke to him. In his case, it was often through dreams. Not only did God give him dreams for his own life, but also he gave him the wisdom to interpret the dreams of others and thus reveal to them what God wanted to tell them.

Do you know how to recognize the voice of God? Do you know when God wants to talk to you? God the Father wants to talk to us, but the problem is that too often we do not pay attention to his voice. We don’t know how to recognize it. God the Father speaks to us in many ways: sometimes it is only an impression in your heart, sometimes it is by reading the Bible, sometimes it is through your dreams or a vision, sometimes it is through the words of others. He talks to us in different ways. Since he created us, he knows how to talk to us. As a father knows how to talk to his children, God the Father knows how to talk to you.




Have you ever heard God the Father speak to you?

Give the children time to share their experiences and share your own experiences with them.




“Father, help me hear your voice, help me recognize it, I want to develop my relationship with you and get closer to you. I want to talk to you and I want to hear your voice. Amen.”


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