Who Has It Joseph?


Version of “Who has it Marie-Stella?”



  • 1 small soft object (to refer to the cup that Joseph had hidden in his brother’s bag)



  1. Ask one child to stand in front of the others. Tell him/her to turn around and throw the object back to the children, much like a bride throwing her bouquet.
  2. If one of the players catches the object, it is his turn to throw it.
  3. If none catches it, one of the players places the object behind his back and all the other players place their hands behind their back, pretending to have the object. They all say, “Who has it, Joseph?”
  4. The child who threw the object must then guess who really has the object. If he succeeds, he throws it again. If he fails,  the one holding the object becomes the the one who will throw it.


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