The Heart Of The Father


What does it mean to be brave? It is to go ahead in spite of difficulties, not to be afraid, to have strength in the face of danger. Before going to the promised land, the people of Israel sent 12 spies to Canaan to report what they would find there. Joshua was one of them. Upon their return, 10 spies reported that it would be impossible to go to Canaan, because the people who lived in Canaan were giants and they were stronger than them. The other two spies, Caleb and Joshua, were filled with courage and told the people of Israel that the land of Canaan was a good country, that God was with them and that they had nothing to fear. Joshua was not afraid of danger, for he knew very well that God was with him.

Like Joshua, the Father is with you and he wants to give you courage and strength to overcome difficulties. The Father walks with you and never abandons you. He is there when things get difficult around you and he gives you His courage so that you can see the the good things.




“Father thank you because you walk with me every day of my life, you are always with me. Help me see you in the difficult situations of my life. Amen.”




  1. With the children, make a list of things that seem insurmountable, difficult situations in their life.
  2. With the children, ask the Father to give them His courage and eyes so that they can see the positive.


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