Game Of The Traitor

Similar To The Sentinel Game




  • Several objects (box, table, chairs, panels, etc.)
  • Plastic coins
  • Bag



  1. Place all kinds of objects in the room.
  2. Name a player Jesus.
  3. Ask him to stand in front of a wall with a bag containing coins.
  4. Ask the other children to stand in line about 100 steps away from him.
  5. The player “Jesus” faces the wall three times by counting “one, two, three” and when he says “Judas” he turns around. While Jesus is not looking, the other players must approach the wall; but when Jesus turns around, everyone has to hide behind all kinds of objects placed (chairs, table upturned, box, etc.) in the room.
  6. If Jesus sees one of the players, he sends him back to the starting line.
  7. The goal for the players is to be able to pick up the bag of coins next to Jesus and return to their starting line without being spotted.


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