Ask Forgiveness



  • Large heart drawn on a large cardboard (40 cm x 50 cm)
  • Sticky tack
  • Pencils
  • Eraser



  1. Place the large heart drawn on a large cardboard on the classroom wall.
  2. Discuss with the children about things we regret doing because we know that it has harmed someone or ourselves or because we know that this is not what God expects of us. You could start by giving an example of your own personal life. For example: I’ve already lied to my friend…
  3. As the discussion progresses, note in the heart the regrettable actions committed by the whole group: lying, disobedience, betrayal, speaking behind the back, etc.
  4. When the children have named all their regrets, ask them what we can do to get rid of the feeling of regret, shame, failure, disappointment that drags us down.
  5. Tell them we need to ASK FORGIVENESS.
  6. Once the word forgiveness has been named, start erasing all the bad deeds that have been inscribed in the heart.
  7. Finally, tell the children that we always have the privilege of asking God for forgiveness and not living in guilt, as Judas did… to the point of taking his own life. God always forgives us, no matter what we have done.