Don’t Be Fooled!




  • A book that you have changed the cover.



  1. Ask the children: “I want to show you a very good book that I read this week (show the book). You can see by the cover that it’s a book about… (talk about the cover you’ve chosen). It looks like a good book, I’ll read you a little excerpt …
  2. Continue: “Take a teaspoon of sugar… What is that?” It is not the right book… It’s a cookbook. Someone put the cover of the storybook on this cookbook and made me believe it was the storybook. They tried to make me believe that this was the story of…
  3. Explain to the children that this is what Satan does, he is a scammer, he tries to make us believe things. He finds all kinds of strategies to deceive us. He deceives people and misleads them because what he presents is always wrong. It presents us with a false perception of reality. It’s like he’s changing the cover of the book of our lives to make us believe it’s another story.


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